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Digital Nomad

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Do you want to join the remote work trend and be fully booked all year round? 

Year-round Bookings

Trustworthy Guests

Easy to Manage

We believe that the shoulder and lower seasons are the perfect time for digital nomads and remote workers to visit destinations. This is why we team up with guest houses and villas around the world to create a unique experience during these months and be fully booked as a result. 

Nomadico quick stats:

  • 4 locations active in 3 different continents

  • Average occupancy rate of 85% year round

  • 4.9 stars on average in Google Reviews

  • Average length of stay is 3 weeks

  • Over 300 nomads hosted to date

What we offer:

1. Year-round Bookings

We believe it makes more sense to travel as a digital nomad to places during the shoulder and lower seasons. That’s why we offer coliving during these times of the year and normally pause our activity in the peak tourist season.

2. Fun, Trustworthy Guests

Our community is what we're most proud of. We attract educated, conscious adventurers who are here to have a good time and connect with like-minded people. We also have a community manager in each destination tailoring the experience. Together we make sure your house stays in perfect shape. 

3. Easy to Manage

Our bookings are on average 3 weeks and often our nomads extend. Weekly cleaning is once a week. Long story short, it’s really easy to manage Nomadico bookings.

What we look for:

1. ​Warm and welcoming atmosphere/vibes
This is the most important. We are flexible with the type of accommodation we work with - guest houses, villas, boutique hostels, hotels - as long as they are friendly and feel like home. 


2. Shared Kitchen
To allow our clients to feel at home we like to have a nice (shared) kitchen at their disposal for cooking and group dinners. 


3. Great WiFi and Workspace
We understand that not all places have good Wi-Fi and desks in their properties. We can work on this together and make sure your place is remote work friendly. 


4. Monthly Discounts
Our bookings are on average 3 weeks and often longer. We always give monthly discounts to encourage our clients to book for longer periods of time. 

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