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Ibiza Coliving

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Community Coliving in Ibiza, Spain for Digital Nomads - are you our next coliving partner?

Do you know the perfect spot for Nomadico?

Refer a potential co-living partner to us, and if we end up collaborating, you can earn a free stay.

Coliving in Mallorca

Living in Ibiza isn't just about the party scene; it's a whole different experience in winter when the crowds thin out. Imagine having Cala Bassa all to yourself or catching a unique sunset view. Beyond its stunning turquoise sea and sandy beaches, Ibiza is a haven for outdoor lovers.


You've got biking, hiking, and horse riding with incredible views and the authentic side of the island to explore. Plus, when tourist season winds down, there's a tight-knit cosmopolitan community. The locals are super friendly, making it easy to make new friends. Trust us, if you're into the outdoors and exploring like us, you'll fall in love with Ibiza.

We're on the lookout for a local coliving partner in Mallorca. Interested in joining us once we find one, or know the perfect partner? Don't be shy, get in touch!

Are You Our Next Local Partner?

What we look for:

Local businesses to create affordable coliving homes for digital nomads in authentic destinations. Are you committed to this journey of creating a coliving home and community for nomads?


What we offer:

Year-Round Bookings

Easy to Manage

Know-How & Support

Awesome Guests

Coworking Ibiza

Ibiza's coworking spaces are perfect for freelancers and remote workers looking for a chill yet professional vibe.


Places like Origen Ibiza, just two minutes from the beach, offer everything from shared spaces to private offices, and they've got all the essentials covered.


Then there's Coworking Santa Eulalia, right in the heart of town. It's got a mix of shared and private options, plus cool extras like a photo studio and soundproof rooms for video calls. Both spots are great for networking and getting your work done in a laid-back, island-style setting.

Got a lead on a local business in Ibiza with a cool workspace? We're on the lookout for our ideal partner. Give us a shout if you know a spot that fits the bill.

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