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Ericeira coworking

Top coworking spaces in Ericeira, Portugal for digital nomads

Coworking in Ericeira

Discover Ericeira, "the surfing capital of Europe," a coastal paradise for digital nomads and surfers. Besides world-class waves, you’ll find coworking spaces with fast internet, a thriving community, yoga studios, and a vibrant food scene—an ideal spot for remote work.

Embrace the surfing culture, unwind on pristine beaches, and explore the town's rich history and local cuisine. Enjoy a comfortable Mediterranean climate and easy access to Lisbon, combining the best of coastal living with city amenities.

Coworking spaces in Ericeira

The Salt Studio Cowork | Ericeira

Salt Studio Cowork is the perfect blend of professionalism and inspiration for digital nomads. A mere 10-minute walk from our Coliving, it provides a fantastic work environment and networking opportunities. Quiet, bright, and with room for calls and meetings for free, no matter the package you choose. It has easy access to cafes, restaurants, and even surfing spots. It's the office dream: you get bargains on specialty coffee from the area and free coffee all day!

📍 Salt Studio Cowork location

Kelp Coworking Space | Ericeira

Kelp Coworking in Ericeira stands out as a top workspace. With great light, greenery, and speedy internet, it's a dream workstation. Dog-friendly and vibrant, it's perfect for calls with spacious desks and phone booths. They host meals and events, creating a special, welcoming vibe. Offering more than just workspaces, they have breakfasts, brunches, breathwork sessions, and music evenings. If you're into productivity and meeting new people, Kelp is the place!
📍 Kelp Coworking location

The Base Cowork Space | Ericeira

The Base Cowork Space in Ericeira is dedicated to providing a network and atmosphere that supports new and small-scale businesses.  It's ideal when you need a break because it's quite near to the beach. An excellent place to work with 24/7 access, a central location, and pleasant personnel! With weekly events, it also fosters a strong sense of community and make interacting with other expats and digital nomads effortless. Strongly recommended.

📍 The Base Cowork Space location

Coworking cafes in Ericeira

Café/Bar "O Gadocha" | Ericeira

They've got amazing pasteis de nata and cheesecake, both a perfect 10/10! Awesome coffee, a bunch of cake options like the special Cheesecake de Basque, and their Pasteis de Nata are award-winners. They do custom cakes for special days, have yummy sandwiches, and killer brownies. Super friendly vibe, WiFi, and won't break the bank. 📍Café/Bar "O Gadocha" location

Mar de Café | Ericeira

Mar de Café is a family-friendly and exceptionally clean spot in Ericeira, it's a standout spot with welcoming owners. A must-visit for locals and digital nomads. Mar de Café offers great service, a winning burger, warm pastries, great coffee, and at affordable prices. it is a  delightful spot in the heart of Ericeira! 📍 Mar de Café location


Raminhos Coffee | Ericeira

Raminhos Coffee is your go-to spot for exceptional takeout, offering quick, delicious meals, top-notch pastries, and excellent coffee. The friendly staff, fair prices, and Santa Casa games add charm to the snack bar, perfect for both snacks and meals. Trust me, it captivates everyone with its laid-back atmosphere and weekly games. Whether you're sitting down or taking it away, the service is splendid. Euro millions, Totoloto, and more are on the menu, making it a must-try spot!

📍 Raminhos Coffee location

Coworking and coliving | Nomadico

What is coliving? 

Coliving houses are the perfect place to stay for digital nomads. Coliving spaces already come equipped with the essentials for a productive AND social experience. Coliving with Nomadico includes:

  1. A like minded community of traveling remote workers

  2. Fast wifi and good workspaces

  3. A unique place to stay for an affordable price 

Nomadico Ericeira member benefits

  • A desk in your private room

  • Fiber optic internet throughout the building

  • Daily events and activities organized by Nomadico's community of nomads from around the world

Why Ericeira is the perfect spot for digital nomads?

Surf paradise

Known as a surfing mecca, Ericeira attracts surfers from around the world. For digital nomads seeking an active lifestyle, the consistent waves and surf culture offer a perfect way to unwind after work.

Relaxed atmosphere

Despite its popularity, Ericeira has retained its charming and chill vibe. The town's narrow cobblestone streets, cozy cafes, and friendly locals create a welcoming atmosphere for remote workers.


Located close to Lisbon, Ericeira is easily accessible, offering the convenience of a nearby international airport and access to city amenities while still maintaining a serene coastal lifestyle.