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Mallorca Coliving

Coming Soon

Community Coliving in Mallorca, Spain for Digital Nomads - are you our next coliving partner?

Do you know the perfect spot for Nomadico?

Refer a potential co-living partner to us, and if we end up collaborating, you can earn a free stay.

Coliving in Mallorca

Mallorca, with its stunning beaches and a diverse mix of culture, is beginning to see a change in visitors. Digital nomads are starting to understand the beauty of living in Mallorca. When you look past the party scene of major resorts (only in summer), Mallorca is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, diving, and watersports.

Looking to switch up from city life to island vibes in Spain? Mallorca is your go-to spot. You'll make friends in no time, all thanks to its chill lifestyle and diverse community. It's a top choice for anyone craving that laid-back island life.

We're on the lookout for a local coliving partner in Mallorca. Interested in joining us once we find one, or know the perfect partner? Don't be shy, get in touch!

Are You Our Next Local Partner?

What we look for:

Local businesses to create affordable coliving homes for digital nomads in authentic destinations. Are you committed to this journey of creating a coliving home and community for nomads?


What we offer:

Year-Round Bookings

Easy to Manage

Know-How & Support

Awesome Guests

Coworking Mallorca

Heading to Mallorca and worried about internet for work? No sweat! While speeds vary, Palma's got you covered with super-fast internet. And the coworking scene? It's buzzing! 


The Hub, located in the trendy Santa Catalina neighbourhood. It's a unique open-air coworking space with a 9-6 policy. Parking and bike storage is included in your membership, but the best thing is the montly price, with general seating rates at €90 per month it won't break the bank. 

If you're a café-hopper, check out Santosha or Cociminia for a great vibe and solid WiFi. They are both good spots to meet new people and get excellent coffee or pastries.

Got a lead on a local business in Mallorca with a cool workspace? We're on the lookout for our ideal partner. Give us a shout if you know a spot that fits the bill.

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