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Coliving Sri Lanka

Community Coliving in Sri Lanka, Ahangama for Digital Nomads

Coliving in Sri Lanka

Are you ready for an island poised to become Asia's next hotspot for digital nomads? Ahangama, located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, is quickly gaining traction as a prime destination. Each year, its selection of quaint bars and restaurants continues to grow, making it a vibrant place to be. Situated beside the expansive Koggala Lake, home to eight charming little islands, Ahangama offers plenty of exploration opportunities.

In addition to its stunning natural beauty, Sri Lanka's Ahangama boasts a lively surf scene. With the warm tropical temperatures, there’s nothing quite like catching an early morning wave before starting your workday. We've teamed up with Nomads Colive to offer two stunning villa's and a workspace equipped with super-fast and reliable WiFi.

Expect to be embraced by the laid-back and friendly vibes of the Sinhalese culture. Locals are excited to see visitors in their town, appreciating the support for their community and businesses. From your cozy home next to the lake, you'll have a beautiful base from which to plan your adventures with our community manager to fully explore the area.

Living in Ahangama - Sri Lanka

Ahangama is the ideal spot for those looking to blend surf and beach life with a vibrant nomad scene. The town is packed with bars and restaurants where you can catch open mic nights and live music. Don’t miss out on La Mana, a bar with its own skate ramp that features a cool DJ every Saturday!

Getting around town is a breeze with a TukTuk or scooter. Yep, you can even rent a TukTuk—and no worries, there's plenty of space at home to park it. You can get either at the reception of the coliving.

For a closer look at the scenic mangroves and unique islands, consider taking a boat trip. And make sure to check out the traditional stilt fishing along the beaches, an iconic sight and a tribute to Sri Lanka’s resilience post-tsunami.

Community Events | Coliving Sri Lanka

Enjoy weekly family dinners and a vibrant community, plus a variety of events and a bar open six days a week — perfect for Friday bonfire nights. What else? Let's see...


Take a Kayak or Surf Board

Up for some water adventures? Take a kayak for free and paddle around the lake, exploring Ahangama from a different angle. Or, for just €10 a day, grab a surfboard and ride the ocean waves. Surf classes available!

Yoga Sessions And Classes

Soak in the lush, green surroundings from our rooftop Yoga Shala. Keep an eye out for curious monkeys who might just join in on the stretch!

Open Mic Nights

Join us as a local musician sets up their gear for an evening of live music. Feel free to jump in and perform whenever the mood strikes.

Boat and Fishing Safaris

Our coliving space includes a boat moored at the lake adjacent to the garden. What’s your preference? Exploring little islands or casting a line for a relaxing fishing session.

Cooking and Cocktail Crafting Classes

Dive into the flavors of Sri Lanka with our interactive cooking classes led by a top chef, and learn to mix your favorite cocktails in our fun crafting sessions. Whether mastering local cuisine or shaking up drinks, these experiences promise both skill and entertainment.

Home | Coliving Sri Lanka

For more details of your room and the house please check out the below pictures or reach out to us.

Nomads Colive

At Nomads Colive we have two villa's that have stunning views of Ahangama Lake and come with fully-equipped kitchens, plus gardens and a pool that are absolutely breathtaking.

Work space - Coliving Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, power outages are a thing, but don't sweat it at our villas. We've got power generators, so you'll always have smooth, high-speed WiFi. Our workspace has plenty of tables for setting up your personal workspace, and each room comes with a (standing) desk and office chair for those private meetings.

Just a heads-up: despite all the ceiling fans, afternoons can get warm in the main workspace area, as we're still waiting on AC. But all the rooms have AC, so you can always cool off there in the afternoons if needed.

And get this – the local manager ran an Italian restaurant in Italy! He’ll whip up the best coffee in Ahangama for you!