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Madeira Coliving

Community Coliving in Madeira, Jardim do Mar & Paul do Mar for Digital Nomads

Coliving in Madeira

Are you up for an adventure? Our coliving community is built in two locations: Jardim do Mar (“Garden of the Sea”) & Paul do Mar. Both beautiful little towns in the west corner of Madeira. 


Jardim do Mar is one of the most magical little villages on the island with lush nature and stunning cliffs surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic ocean. Paul do Mar is slightly bigger than Jardim and it has a younger vibe which is great for making local friends. If you like a little more convenience; Paul do Mar might be for you. Both are located on the South coast with great weather all year round. Our biggest Madeira coliving home is based at Casa Cecilia, in Jardim do Mar, the first guest house for surfers on the island and with the friendliest family. You’ll feel right at home in whichever spot you pick!


Coliving season: 1st of October - 31st of May


Community | Coliving Madeira

In all our communities we focus on co-creation. It's vital that we all participate in thinking about the upcoming events we would like to do together. That being said you are not obligated to attend at every event that is organised. We only ask for you to make an effort to come to the weekly family dinner :). Other events can be things like skillshares or workshops. Our community manager will always be there to help and facilitate a great experience. See our dedicated community events page for more information.

Digital Nomad Village

In Madeira we have a Digital Nomad Village that includes several different homes in Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar that all share in the same community, community manager & activities. This way we can offer a variety of options for everyone's preferences in home size & price while all being part of the same community! In our village we have authentic Portuguese houses, private apartments and Cecilia's which is our biggest guesthouse. See below for more details.

No matter where you decide - you'll feel at home soon and be part of our weekly events!

Homes | Coliving Madeira

For more details please visit our direct booking site linked below.

Cecilia's Guesthouse

Renovated farm house with stunning views and free banana's from the garden.  Cecilia's home, has in total 11 rooms right in front of the beautiful ocean. It has a dedicated workspace as well and many other spots to work from with some of the best views on the island. For private space and calls there are also desks inside the rooms and other quiet nooks around the house. This hidden gem has 5G fibre optic internet. The house was founded by Cecilia and her family from Jardim do Mar. They are still around to share local insights, create a family vibe and organize weekly dinners.

Portuguese houses: Angelo's & Sofia's

Beautiful bedrooms and big kitchens for the ultimate home like feeling. Our authentic Portuguese houses have 3-4 rooms and are located by the beach in the paradise of Paul do Mar. You can hitchhike or take a short drive to our Cecilia's home (3,5 km) and join our community daily for coworking and all the events and activities. The houses have a dedicated communal workspace & desks in rooms and 5G fibre optic internet. We love these for nomads who like a sense of "home" & appreciate being near more restaurants/bars.

Private Apartments

Be part of a Digital Nomad community within the privacy of your own place! Just next door to our Cecilia's coliving home in Jardim do Mar (1min walk) These apartments are fully renovated modern apartments, fully equipped with a room, a bathroom, and a kitchen for private use.

Work spaces | Coliving Madeira

All of our homes are equipped with their own work spaces for you to work from. However, you're welcome to visit any of the other homes if you wish to work in a different environment. We also enjoy organizing coworking days, where we all gather at one home to work together. These are typically scheduled for days when we have planned to have dinner at that particular home in the evening.

Pricing | Coliving Madeira

The minimum stay at our coliving is 1 week. For more details please visit our direct booking site linked below.


Monthly private rooms from



Portuguese houses


Private appartment


* Best Price Guarantee

What's Included

Fibre Optic Internet

Community Manager

Shared workspace

Skill Shares and Talks

Desks in rooms

Madeira Family Vibes

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Weekly Family Dinners