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What can you expect from staying with Nomadico?

Click on one of the tiles below to learn more about what you can find at our digital nomad communities.

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Interested in joining our Nomadic Family?

Go to our booking engine to check availability in all our locations or send us a message if you are interested in being a community manager.


Community manager

We have a dedicated community manager in each of our locations who is tasked with creating a warm and welcoming environment. Their role is to ensure that every coliver feels at home and valued. They are responsible for onboarding our new members, organizing social, professional, and personal events, and actively engaging with the community.


Co-creation | Family meeting

This happens every week, and it's all about getting together with our digital nomads community to plan out what we want to do. We want everyone to be a part of creating the activities and events for the week. It's like building our own agenda! This way, we all feel like we belong and can share our ideas. Plus, it's a place where everyone's happy to give and help out- We believe that “to become part of a tribe, you need to contribute”🤝💡


Family dinner

Our family dinners are like big, delicious hangouts led by two members of our community. These leaders don't have to do all the work alone — everyone has to collaborate, this is definitely teamwork! Some cook, some set the table, and others help clean up afterward.


The leaders help plan the dinner, do the shopping, and decide on a cool theme like Mexican, Vegetarian, International, or maybe even a Potluck where everyone brings something tasty to share. It's not just about the food; it's about connecting and having fun.  


Personal & professional development

Sharing circle

We focus on one topic for about an hour, whether it's related to professional matters or personal interests—whatever captures our attention! Engaging in deep conversation, everyone contributes their unique ideas or experiences. Everyone's voice matters, setting it apart from longer and more intensive mastermind sessions.


Someone from our community wants to teach others something cool they know. It could be anything from using AI, dancing lessons, understanding Human Design, or even mastering tools like Notion. Each week, we get together to share and learn, and it can really change the way you think! It's all about growing together and discovering something new every week.



Let’s solve it together! In a mastermind, everyone gets a turn to talk about a problem they're facing. You share your challenge, and the group gives awesome ideas on how to fix it. It's like a brainstorm, but cooler! Everyone helps each other out, and magic solutions happen.