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Coliving Morocco

Your one stop guide to coliving in Morocco

Nomadico Morocco - Taghazout

Ready for an endless summer coliving in Taghazout? Known for its sunny weather, stunning beaches, and friendly Amazigh (Berber) locals, Taghazout was originally a fishing village but has become a hotspot for surfers and digital nomads thanks to world-class waves (suitable for beginners and advanced surfers) and reliable Wi-Fi. Our Nomadico community in nearby Tamraght offers the perfect blend of local culture, a growing community of nomads, specialty coffee, coworking, yoga, and surfing.

Top Destinations for coliving in Morocco

Here at Nomadico we take pride in always knowing the best place to colive and be a digital nomad. Bill our founder has been on the ground in Morocco for a few months opening our Taghazout location and he definitely has the inside information for us.  We don't always recommend the most "popular" or touristy places... instead we focus on the best quality authentic destinations for digital nomads.

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Coliving in Morocco: our hot take

The Nomadico team is entirely (digital) nomadic and we strongly believe the best spots for digital nomads are not always the most well-known. For us, Morocco has it all. Good climate, affordable cost of living, delicious food (I mean wow!), friendly locals and very convenient to Europe location. If you aren't planning a trip here soon, you're already missing out.

Let's dive into it a bit...

  1. ConvenienceMorocco is just a hop away from Europe. This is great for our EU time-zoned nomads and for those who like to keep a home-base. You can either take a short flight (we've sometimes seen ones for under 20 euros) or catch the ferry from Spain. 

  2. Climate; Morocco is great for sunshine seekers and when the rest of the world is still chilly, Morocco's cold season is definitely sandal weather. 

  3. Affordability; Morocco has a comparatively low cost of living. For those who love to grab coffee or a meal out this is a great location!

  4. Friendliness & Community; We can't speak for everywhere but in Taghazout it has been easy to make friends and community with expats and locals alike! Morocco has lots of friendly faces that are eager to give recommendations or pour you a mint tea (this is how you welcome someone!) 

  5. Adventure; Morocco is full of adventure which is why we love it. If you're a culture lover or outdoor fan this is a spot for you. Surfing on the coast, sand dunes in the middle and the impressive atlas mountains make Morocco an unforgettable nomad destination. 

Coliving Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout offers a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle as a surfing town that is steeped in beach culture, boasting breathtaking sunsets and somewhere to make new friends for sure. Taghazout/Tamraght is the right spot for you if you enjoy the surf/hippy towns of the world. There is a vibrant nomad community here with a nice surf vibe. 

Check out our coliving Taghazout page here.


Coliving Marrakesh, Morocco

Life in Marrakesh is bustling and vibrant, with a mix of traditional and modern elements. The market here is a beautiful and unforgettable chaos! Our favorite part of Marrakesh: getting your nomad group together to watch the sunset near the souk at sunset. 

📍Our coliving pick in Marrakesh: Outsite or just enjoy one of the good coworking spaces! We recommend Coworking L'BLASSA


Coliving Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is a lovely coastal town that is filled with energy from the locals and nomads combined. Although Essaouira does have a nice beginner surf break- it's more popular for its medina (historic town).

📍Our coliving pick in Essaouira: Noqta