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Catching Speed

Tafira Coliving

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Community Coliving in Tarifa, Spain for Digital Nomads - are you our next coliving partner?

Do you know the perfect spot for Nomadico?

Refer a potential co-living partner to us, and if we end up collaborating, you can earn a free stay.

Coliving in Tarifa

Ever heard of Tarifa? It's Spain's southernmost town, super close to Africa, and it's this charming place with about 17,768 people living there. It's getting really popular with digital nomads because of all the outdoor fun and stunning nature. Kite surfing is especially huge in Tarifa, but you've also got killer hiking trails and can even watch dolphins and whales from April to October.

And the beaches? Absolutely amazing! Playa de Los Lances is the place to be with its massive sand dunes - it's perfect for relaxing or giving kite surfing a whirl. Looking for something more laid-back? Playa Chicitita is where it's at, with its cool Mediterranean vibe.

We're on the lookout for a local coliving partner in Tarifa. Interested in joining us once we find one, or know the perfect partner? Don't be shy, get in touch!

Are You Our Next Local Partner?

What we look for:

Local businesses to create affordable coliving homes for digital nomads in authentic destinations. Are you committed to this journey of creating a coliving home and community for nomads?


What we offer:

Year-Round Bookings

Easy to Manage

Know-How & Support

Awesome Guests

Coworking Tarifa

Tarifa may be small, but it's packed with some awesome spots to cowork. Whether you're into traditional coworking spaces or prefer the vibe of a cafe. Check out this cool coworking space and cafe - pick whichever suits your style.

La Cocotera is a great coworking space for digital nomads and remote workers in Tarifa. Need to get some serious work done? This is your go-to spot. You can snag a day pass for €10 or go for a whole week for just €50. Plus, they've got solid WiFi and free drinks on the house.

Cafe del Mar Beach is perfect if you're more of a cafe-worker type. It's a top pick in Tarifa. Just order some food or drinks now and then, and you're all set. They've got great veggie options too, so it's a win-win!

Got a lead on a local business in Tarifa with a cool workspace? We're on the lookout for our ideal partner. Give us a shout if you know a spot that fits the bill.

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