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Launch: 26th of Oct - 10% off for the first 3 bookings.

Private rooms starting at €670 per month


Tarifa Coliving

Community Coliving in Tarifa, Spain for Digital Nomads 

Coliving in Tarifa

Grab your kite and leave your worries behind; Tarifa's winds are blowing with positive vibes and a welcoming community waiting for you. This lively town is celebrated for its stunning beaches, world-class windsurfing and kitesurfing spots, and breathtaking natural parks. 


Our location is in the old town center, within walking distance of many restaurants and cafes, and just a 10-minute walk to the beach. You can expect hot Mediterranean summers and mild winters, with wind year-round, making a perfect climate for kitesurfing or relaxing on the beach. 


Tarifa is the southernmost tip of Europe, and on a clear day, you can even see the coast of Africa! The town is famous for its laid-back and vibrant culture, and the locals are super welcoming of guests from all over the world. With a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, there's something for every digital nomad in Tarifa. 


Coliving Season:

26th Oct - 20th April


Living in Tarifa, Spain

Living in Tarifa, Spain, offers adventure, culture, and community. The charming small town with its medina-style center has everything you need within walking distance. You can explore beautiful cafes and restaurants for coffee and inexpensive meals. Enjoy a stroll to the supermarket for family dinner ingredients or do a group workout at the local gym. 

Nature and adventure enthusiasts are drawn to Tarifa for its outdoor activities, especially water sports. The nearby national park and Bolonia Beach provide stunning landscapes and hiking trails. 

Life in Tarifa often revolves around the wind, with the Poniente bringing cool breezes and the Levante offering warmer conditions, ideal for kite surfing. The town's energy, natural beauty, and rich culture make living in Tarifa a unique and authentic experience.

Community Events | Coliving Tarifa

Tarifa offers diverse activities catering to every interest and passion:

  • Beach Walks: Enjoy breathtaking sunsets or energizing runs along the stunning coastline.

  • Surfing and Kitesurfing: Take advantage of wave conditions suitable for surfers of all levels.

  • Hiking: Explore trails through national parks such as Parque Natural de los Alcornocales and Parque Natural del Estrecho.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness: Relax and connect with yourself through yoga and mindfulness activities.

  • Sightseeing: Discover local landmarks like the ancient fortress and nearby Roman ruins.

  • Cultural Excursions: Venture to nearby cities like Tangier, Morocco, accessible daily by boat.​

Our community manager will help organize and plan events to ensure you have an incredible stay. You can expect weekly family dinners, professional events, and other activities to explore Tarifa. 


While you can walk to many restaurants, cafes, and beaches, you may need a car or take the bus to farther destinations. 

Home | Coliving Tarifa

For more details of your room and the house please check out the below pictures or reach out to us.

Franny's & Fenton's Home

Welcome to this beautiful home in Tarifa. Located on a serene street within the old city walls near Puerta Jerez, this 20th century house features 19 total rooms. Guests can relax on the roof terrace with views of the old town, the Straits of Gibraltar, and Morocco.

Work Space - Coliving Tarifa

Every room is equipped with a desk for private calls and focused work. While we are renovating our dedicated workspace for the next coliving season, check out pictures of the other areas of our home where you can work with others. Where-ever you choose to work, you will always be connected to fibre-optic WiFi.

If you want a change of scenery, check out coworking spaces in Tarifa like Cocotera Coworking and Cafe 10. These locations offer vibrant environments and all the amenities needed for productivity and networking.