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About Us

Further, Together.

We’re making the world a more remote work friendly place by creating inclusive, community focused experiences globally.

Our vision is to create a more liberated, inspiring, and sustainable world by connecting people and cultures through transformative experiences.

Our Story

Nomadico began in 2022 when our founder, Bill, stayed in a beautiful guesthouse in Madeira called Cecilia’s. He fell in love with Madeira and knew it was perfect for Digital Nomads; it just needed community (and desks in rooms). Cecilia’s home became our first coliving partner and since then we’ve grown rapidly in locations around the world. Remote destinations & authentic experiences always call to us; so we’re making the world a more remote work friendly place by partnering with local guesthouses & building communities in them. 


We're all about mixing work and play, exploring new horizons, and creating a space where like-minded wanderers can connect, inspire, and make an impact. 

At Nomadico, we're creating a world where lasting, awesome connections and shared adventures light up our lives. We live for authenticity, inclusivity, creativity, learning and fun, while caring for our planet. 


We believe in the power of inspiration—it pushes us out of our comfort zones and opens doors to new adventures and discoveries. Everyday we want our community to go just a little further, together.

So, come join the Nomadico family! Let’s make the world a bit more epic together.

The Secret Sauce

At Nomadico Coliving, our top-notch team are experts in coliving, coworking, and the digital nomad lifestyle. We're a team that truly lives the product. We are digital nomads, remote workers & colive/cowork lovers! We're passionate about creating vibrant spaces where today's remote pros can connect and thrive. Always ahead of the curve, we're here to inspire and empower. 🌎🚀

Our Experience

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