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Coliving Colombia

Your one stop guide to coliving in Colombia

Top Destinations for coliving in Colombia

We launched our first coliving destination in Colombia in Medellin which is considered one of the most popular digital nomad hotspots by Medellin is our first ever urban location and we couldn't be more excited by the energy in this city. We're looking to expand soon into other parts of this beautiful country!

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Coliving in Colombia: our hot take

Let’s dive into what you can expect from Colombia coliving as a digital nomad. It's hard not to fall in love with the vibrant culture and friendly people here. The country's diversity, and the passion and kindness of its people, make Colombia a beautiful place that's blossoming into the future.

  1. Climate/DiversityDo your research before you go to a different part of Colombia. Different parts of Colombia have distinct climate zones. Whether you're packing for Bogotá, where the temperature hovers around 18 degrees Celsius and it rains quite a bit, or for Cartagena, where it's 30+ degrees, check to be prepared for your next trip. 

  2. Affordability; Compared to Western countries, many places in Colombia are very affordable. However, this can vary significantly between cities. For example, in Medellín, the price of a cup of coffee can differ by more than $1.50 depending on where you are (which is a lot converted to the Colombian Peso). Check for cost-of-living comparisons. 

  3. Passion and Resilience; Two things that the Colombian people do not lack is passion and resilience. The Colombian people have faced (and in some way still do) internal conflicts that are seemingly very hard to completely overcome. Despite these challenges, Colombians are joyful people who love to welcome foreigners and dispel negative stereotypes. They might invite you to dance salsa or cumbia, or make you feel at home by inviting you over for a dinner.

  4. Coffee; For all you coffee lovers out there you are in luck. Colombia is a major coffee producer. In 2022 Colombia export 13.5 million kilogram of coffee beans according to So where ever you go in Colombia, good coffee is usually just around the corner. If you are planning to go to Medellin for example, there are great coffee tours on farms in Santa Elena you can do that are just an hour drive away. If you go around end of July/begin august, then these coffee farms turn into flower expositions for the Ferria de Flores festival. A must see.

  5. Adventure; As in the whole of South-America, Colombia is packed with nature, wildlife and adventure. Take a flight to Leticia from Bogota to discover the Amazon, go whale watching from July to October on the Pacific coast or visit Colombia’s desert in the North La Guajira. These are just three things of many amazing and divers things to do in this country. 

Coliving Medellin, Colombia

If you like to be in a city with a great food scene, sweet coworking cafe spots and super friendly people, then Medellin is definitely your vibe. Medellin is growing massively in popularity, so we recommend you to go soon. To sum up the areas you could consider to stay; We've highlighted some areas to consider: Poblado for parties, Laureles for digital nomads seeking quieter spots, and Envigado for nature and calm. 

📍 Check out our coliving Medellin page here. 


Coliving Santa Veronica, Colombia

Ready to dive into the Caribbean life in a quaint town on Colombia's north coast? Meet Alfred, Martica, Nico, and Juan. Eleven years ago, they dreamed of creating a paradise for digital nomads to live and work. Guess what? They nailed it! Join us in Santa Veronica and experience it for yourself. Here's what's waiting for you: 

  • coworking space;

  • 25-meter pool;

  • health-focused restaurant;

  • private beach access;

  • gym;

  • kitesurfing-friendly spots;

  • noise-isolated rooms.

Anchor Cartagena

Mentioned above, the old city center in Cartagena is incredible. Imagine working from a café inside a 16th-century colonial building, sipping world-class coffee. The Wi-Fi is solid, and the vibe is unbeatable — history meets modern amenities. When you step out of a building be careful that you won't run into a horse and carridge! When you clock out out there are Caribbean beaches and great nightlife that awaits you :) 

Anchor Bogota