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Launching on the 1st of May - Limited availability.

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Ahangama Coliving

Community Coliving in Ahangama, Sri Lanka for Digital Nomads

Coliving in Ahangama

Guess what? We did something wild yet again! Can you believe Nomadico is heading to Asia already? It all happened so fast! We are going to Ahangama, a stunning spot in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Our partner, Patrick from Nomads Colive, has already set up an awesome home tailored just for digital nomads and is super excited to welcome more amazing guests who are looking to mix work with some incredible leisure time.

We’ve got two villas ready for you to crash in. Both are decked out with all the essentials, and they’re open for everyone staying at the coliving space to use. One villa has a pool you can jump into anytime, and the other is right next to a beautiful lake. Make sure to scroll through the rest of this page to find out about the events, workspace, and the cozy home that’s waiting for you in this dreamy spot.

Living in Ahangama - Sri Lanka

Ahangama is the perfect spot for those looking to combine surf and beach life with 

Boat trips offer an up-close experience of the picturesque mangroves and unique islands. Don't miss the traditional stilt fishing along the beaches, an iconic sight and a nod to Sri Lanka’s resilience post-tsunami. 

For a slice of local life, visit a nearby low country tea plantation. Learn about the tea-making process and savor the famous Ceylon tea, right where it's grown. This area's diverse experiences offer a true taste of Sri Lankan culture and natural beauty!

Community Events | Coliving Ahangama

Enjoy The Green And Lush

​Dive into Ahangama’s natural beauty with a scenic hike. Keep an eye out for monkeys and soak in the lush surroundings. 

Take a Canoe or Surf Board

Up for some water adventures? Take a canoe and paddle around the lake, exploring Ahangama from a different angle. Or, for just $5, grab a surfboard and ride the ocean waves. 

Let's Go Fishing

​Fancy fishing? We can arrange a peaceful fishing trip on the nearby lake – don’t forget your lucky fishing hat! 

And there’s more: join us for weekly family dinners and hangouts with our awesome community. Let’s make memories together.

Home | Coliving Ahangama

For more details of your room and the house please check out the below pictures or reach out to us.

Patricks Villa's

Patrick's villas each have stunning views of Ahangama Lake and come with fully-equipped kitchens, plus gardens and a pool that are absolutely breathtaking.