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Menorca Coliving

Coming Soon

Community Coliving in Menorca, Spain for Digital Nomads - are you our next coliving partner?

Do you know the perfect spot for Nomadico?

Refer a potential co-living partner to us, and if we end up collaborating, you can earn a free stay.

Coliving in Menorca

Menorca is becoming a hit with digital nomads and remote workers. It's way more laid-back than Ibiza and Mallorca, offering a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere to connect with locals and other nomads. With its chill vibe compared to the other Balearic Islands, it's perfect for focusing on work and then unwinding on the beach with friends.


Picture yourself surrounded by pine-lined coasts, stunning harbors, and endless beaches. Menorca's got that perfect blend of work and relaxation. Plus, there's a thriving expat community, so you're sure to find good company and enjoy everything Menorca has to offer.

We're on the lookout for a local coliving partner in Mallorca. Interested in joining us once we find one, or know the perfect partner? Don't be shy, get in touch!

Are You Our Next Local Partner?

What we look for:

Local businesses to create affordable coliving homes for digital nomads in authentic destinations. Are you committed to this journey of creating a coliving home and community for nomads?


What we offer:

Year-Round Bookings

Easy to Manage

Know-How & Support

Awesome Guests

Coworking Menorca

If you're in Menorca and looking for a cool coworking spot, check out 'Coworking Menorca'. They've got crazy fast 600 Mbps fiber optic internet, 24-hour security, and heaps of space so you won't be bumping elbows with your coworker. Plus, there's always coffee, water, and tea on hand, and a chill relax area with a comfy sofa for those brain-resting moments.

Then there's 'Isla House coworking', perfect for the work-hard-play-hard crowd. It's a cozy workspace with high-speed Wi-Fi and coffee, set in a vibrant community. Whether you need a private office or dig the vibe of open, collaborative areas, Isla House has got you covered. It's all about balancing work with some awesome island adventures.

Got a lead on a local business in Ibiza with a cool workspace? We're on the lookout for our ideal partner. Give us a shout if you know a spot that fits the bill.

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