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Medellin Coliving

Our Community Coliving in Medellin, Colombia for Digital Nomads is coming soon!

Community Manager Wanted! Are you a natural community builder?

Apply now to get free accommodation and help us build our Medellin community!

Coliving in Medellin

The city of eternal spring, welcoming paisa’s and a very fast-growing digital nomad community. Medellin has been blossoming as a city of culture and rumba the past 15 years and this growth is nowhere near of halting. As more and more people understand Medellin is a safe place, they will come and check it out for themselves. Rightly so! 

Don’t be a papaya though… look up what it means ;-)

As most of the Nomadico team have been in Medellin a few times, we can safely say that you can find anything you need as a city oriented digital nomad. You can tick off all the boxes you are hoping for; good wifi; great restaurants (also vegan); big community; variety of culture experiences; beautiful green streets and don’t get us started on the amount of clubs and bars to dance.. 

Recs | Coliving in Laureles, Medellin

Here are a couple of our recommendations for coliving in Medellin.

  1. Nomadico; Our team is very close to finding the perfect spot for our community. Hold tight just a little longer and you can enjoy a Nomadico destination in this amazing city. 

  2. Balu Coliving Laureles; an amazing place that has a strong focus on community. Every nomad we have talked to that has been here absolutely loved it. The only thing is that they have limited space. You have to book months ahead for this..

  3. Casa Santafe Laureles; this place lacks a bit in social activities and community, but it makes up for it with all the other amenities they offer suited perfectly for digital nomads. They have a cute coworking space, beautiful rooftop and even a sauna (for if you would like a good sweat on a rainy day). 

  4. Edificio Fenicio Laureles; another great stay with good amenities. It has a large coworking space and a cute cafeteria owned by a Colombian family. There is not a lot of interaction between the guests, but the beautiful rooms and location make up for it.

Location | Why coliving in Laureles, Medellin

If you have heard of Medellin, then you have probably heard of Poblado too. No doubt, that this is the place to be if you want to party in Medellin. It’s famous for the large number of clubs for all kinds of music (really everything). But if you are planning to live in Medellin for longer as a digital nomad, then coliving in Laureles is a much better option. It has a way more relaxed lifestyle, which we are sure everyone will agree on after walking around for an hour. Coworking cafés, (vegan) restaurants, calm vibes and by the way a lot cheaper than Poblado. Laureles has its own nightlife too on ‘La 70’, but if you would like more variety on this end then Poblado will be a 15 minute drive away with an Uber (for about 4 dollars).

If you are a seasoned Medellin nomad, we can hear you say: "what about coliving in Envigado?" Yes! Also a very interesting area to live in and we are not ruling out starting a colive here too :) 

The Experience | Living in Medellin

Try and visit the endless (coworking) cafés in Laureles, Poblado and Envigado

Improve your Salsa while you are here! Selina in Poblado has a great free Salsa class/night, with a live band on Monday

Enjoy the view on the numerous of rooftop bars in Poblado

Take a ride and enjoy the very well organized metro system that will take you anywhere in the city. (you can pay with empty bottles if you have gathered enough of them)

Visit the famous Comuna 13 to see spectaculour graffiti and views of Medellin

Go hiking, horseback riding or paragliding around Medellin's nature (go with a guide, so you are sure the area is safe)