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Coliving Switzerland

Your one stop guide to coliving in Switzerland

Top Destinations for Coliving in Switzerland

Ready to elevate your digital nomad life to new heights? Welcome to Switzerland, where pristine landscapes meet cutting-edge cities. Picture yourself coding in a cozy chalet, surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps, or brainstorming your next big project in a sleek Zurich café. Switzerland isn't just about chocolate and watches; it's a hub of innovation and tranquility. Here, you can hike through breathtaking trails for some fresh air between meetings or enjoy fondue with new friends as you discuss startup ideas. With high-speed internet as reliable as a Swiss watch, Switzerland offers the perfect backdrop for a productive and picturesque work life. Get ready for a seamless blend of work, wonder, and lots of Swiss cheese!

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Coliving in Switzerland: our hot take

Switzerland, often hailed as the pinnacle of precision and beauty, offers a coliving experience that's as refreshing as its mountain air. From innovative urban hubs to idyllic Alpine retreats, this country blends luxury with functionality, making it a top-tier choice for digital nomads seeking excellence in their work and surroundings. Here, every detail is fine-tuned for living and working at your peak—literally and figuratively. Ready to see what makes Switzerland a dream for digital nomads? Here are five essentials you’ll enjoy and encounter:

  1. Stunning Landscapes; Switzerland's scenery will sweep you off your feet. Whether it’s the majestic Alps, serene lakes, or lush meadows, the backdrop to your workday can inspire peak productivity. Imagine finishing up a project and then taking a few steps out to start your hike or ski session. The great outdoors is always just a window away!

  2. Seasonal Climate; According to, Switzerland enjoys a temperate climate, but prepare for varied weather based on your altitude. The higher you go, the cooler it gets, even in summer. This makes Switzerland ideal for those who love experiencing four distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm and outdoor opportunities. 

  3. World-Class Infrastructure; Swiss efficiency isn’t a myth—it’s a lifestyle. Expect top-notch public transport, unmatched internet connectivity, and urban planning that makes living easy and accessible. Cities like Zurich and Geneva are geared towards supporting a high-tech lifestyle, making them perfect for nomads who need reliability and speed in their professional lives.

  4. High Cost of Living; Yes, Switzerland is expensive—there’s no way around it. As points out, the cost of living here is among the highest in the world. However, the quality of life matches the price tag. Budget wisely, and consider choosing smaller towns or shared accommodations to offset costs. Remember, you're investing in an experience that's worth every Swiss franc!

  5. Cultural Richness; While known for neutrality, Switzerland is anything but bland. Dive into a multicultural environment with four official languages, world-famous festivals, and a culinary scene that goes beyond chocolate and cheese. Each region boasts its own unique cultural identity, offering a smorgasbord of experiences from opera nights in Zurich to carnival in Basel.

In Switzerland, the promise of luxury, efficiency, and natural beauty creates a truly unique coliving environment. It's a place where work-life balance is redefined, where you can reach your professional goals with the same precision and passion that the Swiss apply to watchmaking. Get ready for an elevated experience that will set your standards sky-high.

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps | Coliving Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are a stunning backdrop year-round, transforming from a winter wonderland to lush summer hiking trails. As a digital nomad, imagine trading your morning commute for skiing fresh powder or trekking through vibrant meadows. Work from cozy chalets with awe-inspiring views, making deadlines delightful. Whether it's hitting the slopes or exploring alpine paths, the Alps offer both exhilarating adventures and serene landscapes. End your day with some hearty mountain cuisine or an après-ski in the village. Here, you’ll find that the work-life balance is as perfect as the scenery!

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Zürich is the vibrant heart of Switzerland, where historic charm meets modern innovation. Picture yourself navigating cobbled streets that lead to cutting-edge art galleries and tech hubs. It’s a city that thrives on its café culture—perfect for remote work with a view of the Limmat River. Don’t miss out on the nightlife; Zürich's clubs pulse with energy until the early hours. Whether you're networking in trendy coffee shops or biking alongside the lake, Zürich offers a dynamic blend of work and play that's hard to beat!


Basel | Coliving Switzerland

Basel stands out as a cultural confluence where the Swiss, French, and German borders meet. This city buzzes with creativity, from world-class art museums to vibrant street festivals. As a digital nomad, imagine brainstorming in quirky riverside cafés or networking at international art fairs. Basel’s medieval old town provides a historic backdrop to your modern pursuits. Don’t forget to try the local delicacy, Läckerli, while people-watching in the bustling market squares. In Basel, every corner offers a blend of history and innovation, perfect for fueling your next big idea!

Switzerland as a Digital Nomad: The Logistics

Gearing up for your Swiss adventure? Here’s your checklist for a seamless transition into the land of precision and breathtaking landscapes. Let’s get everything sorted:

  • Visa and Work Permits: Switzerland is part of the Schengen Zone, allowing residents from Schengen countries to stay up to 90 days without a visa. For those outside the Schengen Zone, you'll need to apply for a visa. Check out the specific requirements based on your nationality at the official Swiss visa portal. If you plan to stay longer, exploring options for a residence permit is essential. Early application is key, as Swiss precision applies to their administrative processes too.

  • Health Precautions: Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland, and you must acquire it within three months of your arrival. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about peace of mind. Get your health insurance from SafetyWing, as they specialize and tailor their packages to the needs of digital nomads. Don't skimp on this — after all, Swiss watches need regular servicing, and so do you!

  • Health insurance: Don't forget about healthcare. As a non-resident, you will definitely need private health insurance. Do your research and consider international insurance providers like Safetywing.

  • Local or eSIM card: If you've traveled before, you’ve likely experienced the hunt for a local SIM card—trudging to the store, analyzing prices, and wondering if you just paid too much at the airport, right? Well, an eSIM card eliminates all that hassle. With an app like Airalo, you can stay connected with just a flick of a switch, right from your phone. It’s all the connectivity with none of the hassle. Just keep in mind, some older phone models might not support eSIM technology. Check if your device is compatible here

  • Local Customs and Language: Switzerland has four national languages—German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Knowing at least one can greatly enhance your experience. And don’t forget the Swiss love for privacy and punctuality. Integrating into Swiss culture might mean adjusting your pace to match theirs—think of it as syncing your internal clock to Swiss time. 

With these preparations, you’ll be ready to embrace your Swiss journey with ease. 🗻⌚️⛷️

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