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What’s on the menu this week?

Family dinners build and grow Nomadico’s global digital nomad community.

In the whirlwind of our busy digital nomad lives and exciting travel adventures, there’s something about coming together for a meal that is so magical. At Nomadico, family dinners aren't just about the food on our plates, they're about the shared moments and connections we build around the table. With every story told and every laugh shared, we leave the table feeling more connected and uplifted. 

Vero, the Nomadico community manager in Madeira shared, “There is something about cooking together that makes connections and conversations easier because it relaxes us, it’s therapeutic. And for some of us, it’s a journey back to our roots to our family memories.” 

While memory-making is always on the menu, there are two main kinds of family dinners: home-cooked dinners, and dining out at a local restaurant. 

Cooking Together at Home

Cooking with the community is a special experience. From chopping vegetables to stirring sauces, every task is an opportunity to connect with others. After deciding on a menu, the community brings ingredients to cook together and prepare a meal in the home. Sometimes guests want to share a meal from their culture.

For example, in Madeira, “We had a couple of friends from Sri Lanka who offered to prepare traditional Sri Lankan food, and the entire community happily accepted. So, they were tasked with sending the shopping list and cooking, which seemed quite simple. However, when we arrived at the dinner and the guys started placing the dishes on the table, OH MY GOD, what a beautiful feast they had prepared for us! It was an absolute surprise, and the flavors were wonderful. It turns out they had brought secret spices from home, so we can say we had an authentic Sri Lankan dinner.”

Our community manager, Nemo, in Taghazout, has family dinners down to a science. Nemo said, “We create three or four teams and split up responsibilities. One cooks a meal with meat, another cooks one with vegetables, team three makes dessert, and team four sets the table and cleans dishes. Team four is for the people who have to work later and can’t come early to prepare food.” Be right back, I’m taking notes from you, Nemo. 

Dining Out as a Community

Exploring the local restaurants and getting a change of scenery is also a fun way to bond with the community. In Medellin, there are hundreds of incredible restaurants for any cuisine you’re craving. My community has many family dinners exploring the top places on our foodie lists. Each restaurant is elaborately decorated, you never know what you might find. It’s also fun to work on our Spanish as we order and chat with the servers. Of course, no outing is complete without a sweet treat, we love to end the night with gelato. 

In Taghazout, dining out looks a little different. “When we are too tired to cook our own dinner, we hire a local Moroccan woman to cook something for us. She makes my favorite local foods like Tajine, couscous, bastilla, and fish.”

Dining out helps us bond over shared meals, provides a relaxing atmosphere to gather with friends, and supports local businesses.

Family Dinners Build Strong Communities

Every community is different, and that’s something worth celebrating. Family dinners bring together each unique digital nomad in our community to connect over a meal and shared passions. 

Family dinners are the community manager’s favorite nights of the week. “⁠The most beautiful thing about family dinners is that we get to know more about each other as a community. We share stories from our travels, talk about food, and anything that you can think about. We get closer and closer after every family dinner,” said Nemo. 

It’s so fun bringing people together who may have not otherwise met, especially from different cultures. Vero shared, “As a community manager, family dinners hold significant importance for me. It's truly a lovely space where everyone pitches in, shares a piece of their culture, and sets the tone for the rest of the week.” 

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Join our family dinners at your choice of  Nomadico location and become part of our vibrant community. 


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