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My First Time as a Community Manager with Nomadico

I landed in Medellin, to begin a new adventure as Nomadico’s community manager. As a total newbie to Colombia, I didn’t know what to expect. I was just excited to explore and meet like-minded people. 

In America, most people at home are all about the corporate ladder-climbing hustle. The same people later in life regret not seeing the world while they had the chance. I refuse to have that regret. When I found the community manager opportunity at Nomadico, it felt like fate. I was eager to take the first step into my digital nomad journey and live out my dreams.

When I arrived at my new home in Medellin (Margarita’s house), I marveled at the area of Laureles. I love being in this area because it feels like an authentic and local experience. There are several restaurants, shops, and cafes to explore. When walking around, it’s so fun to see locals sitting outside of la tiendas, enjoying arepas de chocolo and empanadas. 

Medellin is a whole vibe. The city is infused with greenery everywhere, giving off a cool jungle feel. And don’t even get me started on the graffiti – the city’s like a canvas, vibrant with color. And the weather? Perfection. Medellin lives up to the nickname of ‘eternal spring.’ It’s cool in the morning and evening then warm during the day (some days hotter than others) with a sprinkle of rain here and there. 

The First Week

In the beginning, it took me a minute to adjust to the heat and the fact that my Spanish is still a work in progress. But once I settled in, I was eager to dive into the community. Many of the guests had already been in Medellin for a few weeks or months. 

Kicked off my first night with a Bachata class with a few community guests, and it was so much fun! We learned Bachata moves followed by a social where we danced for hours and then got to watch a dance competition.

Next came our weekend getaway to Jardin. It was a scenic three-hour bus ride and then for dinner, we ate at an Italian restaurant and got to see a local Holy Week procession.

On Saturday, we began with breakfast at Mambrú, the best restaurant in Jardin (or at least we think so). I had a cappuccino and huevos benedictinos, which was an almond croissant with a poached egg, bacon, and hollandaise sauce. Muy delicioso! 

After fueling with an amazing breakfast, we began our hiking adventure to La Cueva del Splendor. We had an awesome tour guide, Daniel, who helped us learn about Jardin and brush up on our Spanish. At the top of the mountain, there’s a cafe where we got to try local treats, like arepa de chocolo and panela. 10/10, I would recommend taking a hike and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Jardin. 

There are many colorful towns near Medellin to explore, and Jardin should definitely be on your list!

Community in Medellin

Nomadico’s community in Medellin is a nomad village. We have three locations where guests can stay, including Caobo, Margarita’s House, and BeTogether. Not everyone staying in each place is part of the Nomadico community. Each location has a unique vibe and is in a great location.

Family meeting

Our first family meeting took place over dinner at District 1 in Laureles, a Vietnamese restaurant recommendation from one of the community members. The family meeting is a great way to connect with everyone, learn about their experience, and chat about activities for the upcoming week. 

It is so much fun to learn about everyone’s digital nomad journey. Each guest has a unique reason or way to travel, and family meetings are an amazing way to bond as a group. We all come from different backgrounds and have different passions, but we have similar mindsets about travel and work. Being around like-minded people is so refreshing and one of my favorite things about being here so far. 

Family dinner

Having a family dinner is a great way to come together and break up the work week. It’s fun to try new restaurants and explore different areas of Medellin. So far, we have had tacos at Taqueria Cuernavaca and Peruvian food at Mr. Limon, both delicious! We also hosted our first in-home family dinner at Margarita's house. Everyone cooked something for a 'Breakfast for dinner' theme. It was a unique and more intimate setting for us to grow as a community. I'm looking forward to the next.

Advice to a First-Time Community Manager

Expect your first week (or two) to be a bit overwhelming. You are in a new place with new people, and trying to figure out several things at once. It’s a lot to take in, but I promise it’s worth it. In my first community manager training, Matilde said, “It usually takes at least two weeks to get settled in a new place,” and she was so right. 

After being here for two weeks, I’ve explored many areas, met incredible people, and am already in love with Medellin. I can see why people come here and end up extending their stay. The digital nomad community in Medellin is very strong. There are events and activities every day of the week for anything you like to do. 

Every community is different, but supporting guests and getting their honest feedback is super helpful. In my first week, chatting with guests helped me understand what the current community is like, and how guests wished it was different. This provided a foundation and helped me find ways to strengthen the community through Nomadico’s values. 

If you’re thinking about being a community manager for Nomadico, do it! The Nomadico team is supportive and loves seeing you thrive. Take lots of pictures and videos, savor every moment, and view any challenge as a growth opportunity. As much as you’re supporting the Nomadico community, you are also on a personal growth adventure that is truly life-changing. 

I’m only two weeks in, there is much more to come. Enjoy the journey. 


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