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Coliving Asturias

Book a 3 or 6 Week Experience in Asturias, Spain - Tailored to Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

Coliving in Asturias

Are you ready for rural coliving in Asturias? Spain’s rural areas have so much to offer for digital nomads. Tucked away between old spanish villages and nature, this destination offers an idyllic setting for both work and play. We've transformed a stunning barn into a coworking space complete with high-speed WiFi, ensuring you stay connected in the most serene surroundings.

Our coliving partner, Ramón, is passionate about community and is dedicated to making your stay memorable. For him, managing this coliving space isn’t just a job; it’s a dream come true. He’s always around to help and loves sharing the best local spots.

Surrounded by nature, our location is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s hiking, cycling, or just exploring the lush countryside, there’s no shortage of activities to fuel your adventurous spirit. 


Available Dates:

13 Oct - 03 Nov

03 Nov - 24 Nov


Living in Nature - Asturias

Are you ready to experience the beauty of Asturias? 

Take a stroll through the grasslands and hills surrounding our place, or head to the nearby lake for a morning swim.


With so many activities to choose from, you'll never have a dull moment—whether it's before or after work, or on the weekends. Start your day with fresh croissants and bread from the local bakery, and a cup of Cafés el Globo coffee made in Salas, Asturias.


Work in our cozy coworking barn, then savor one of four traditional meals included every week, like Fabada or Paella, prepared by locals. Our professional gardening team keeps the outdoor areas pristine, and you can join guided activities like a walk to the pier or a volleyball match against a local team.

Living in Asturias is a perfect blend of productivity and adventure.

Community Events | Coliving Asturias

Choose Between a 3 or 6 Weeks Stay

Our local partner, Ramon, will make sure your stay with us in Asturias is unforgettable. He´s also a surfing and climbing coach so you´re in for a treat! See below all the epic things included in this experience.

What's Included Every Week?

  • 1 weekly lunch or dinner cooked by local grandma´s or Ramón

  • 1 weekly activity - The group chooses from;

    • Surfing lesson

    • Climbing lesson

    • Guided Hiking (with transport) - i.e. part of Camino de Santiago

  • Transport - Daily drives will be scheduled for everyone to do grocery runs, go to town, go on adventures, etc!

Our community manager will also organize our regular Nomadico community events for everyone to enjoy. Count on family dinners, professional events and other co-created events. 

Always Available at the House

  • Surfskates

  • Home cinema

  • Yoga mattresses

  • Volleyball field

  • Crossbows for Archery

  • Swim in the lake (walking distance)

  • BBQ area

  • Running trails


We Can Book Extra Activities Onsite

  • Additional surfing and climbing classes and gear

  • SUP down the river 

  • Kayak in a lake 

  • Horse Riding 

  • Yoga class

  • Crossfit (Ramón goes every morning - €50 per month)

  • Art workshop

  • Spa and sauna trip