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Lisbon coworking

Top coworking spaces in Lisbon - Costa da Caparica, Portugal for digital nomads

Coworking in Lisbon - Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica is a dream for nomads who love sun, sand, and a sea lifestyle.


Home to a thriving digital nomad community that is increasing due to the strong movement that Lisbon has experienced in recent years. If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxed place with good waves for surfing, where you can find that touch of inspiration and motivation to work, Caparica is definitely the place for you.


You can enjoy the simple nomad lifestyle with Nomadico but at the same time quickly jump into the city if you want to experience the vibe of Lisbon!

Coworking spaces in Lisbon - Caparica

10Cowork | Lisbon - Caparica

10Cowork is just 5 minutes from Costa da Caparica and is a charming coworking space with stylish design and abundant natural light. Experience agile coworking with a cool lounge, meeting rooms, and shared labs. Fully AC and well-furnished, it offers parking and is a short 10-minute drive to the beach—ideal for combining work with water activities. The space is perfect for productivity and could be highly convenient for companies with products due to its storage area. Get in! 📍 10Cowork location

Dr Bernard Cowork | Lisbon - Caparica

Located in a fantastic sea-view position in Costa da Caparica, Cowork Dr. Bernard cowork is a multipurpose coworking venue with a remarkable fusion of networking, career life, and well-being. It's the ideal place for focused work, with various quiet areas, air conditioning, a fridge, and a kitchenette. The cozy and friendly atmosphere, along with the convenience of nearby stores, makes it a perfect spot for freelancers to entrepreneurs! Highly recommended for a productive and creative work environment.

📍CoWork Dr.Bernard location

Fabrica Moderna Caparica | Lisbon - Caparica

Fabrica Moderna Caparica, in Costa da Caparica, is the go-to co-working spot!  The diverse and friendly crowd makes it enjoyable. With its beachfront location, lunch breaks on the sand are a must. The space offers more than just work; such as yoga classes and convenient amenities, like showers. For surfing lovers, there's a variety of schools to choose from, directly out front. Nearby, you'll find great coffee and food spots. It's the perfect piece that completes Costa da Caparica's paradise!

📍 Fabrica Moderna Caparica location

Coworking cafes in Lisbon - Caparica

Café Remo | Lisbon - Caparica

Café Remo in Costa da Caparica is a 5-star gem for the best "Prego" and beer in town—simple, tasty, and perfect for taking your time. The delicious sandwiches evoke the nostalgia of 80s cafes, creating an intimate atmosphere. It's a classic spot on the Caparica coast with a great terrace for afternoon chill vibes, friendly staff, and divine "imperial" nails. Highly recommend trying the prego and imperial for a delightful experience!
📍 Café Remo location

Café do Mar | Lisbon - Caparica

Café do Mar in Costa da Caparica is a seaside gem perfect for sunset views and fantastic food. The Pichana steak and salmon are must-tries but snag a seat early as it fills up fast. The friendly service team, stunning views, and delicious menu make it a top recommendation. From Caesar salad to seafood tagliatelle, it's a culinary delight worth experiencing. Enjoy the beach boardwalk vibes, people-watching, and sunset views – it's the perfect spot for a relaxed meal! 📍 Café do Mar location

Dr Bernard Caparica | Lisbon - Caparica

Dr. Bernard Caparica in Costa da Caparica, Portugal, is a gem! it's got a table in the outdoor section with a spectacular view of the ocean. The outdoor seating offers a spectacular setting. The Dourado dish is perfectly grilled and at a reasonable price, the prawn enchiladas too are freshly cooked to taste. it boasts big comfy sofas, funky decor, and an overall fantastic vibe. A must-visit for delicious food and a memorable experience

📍 Dr. Bernard Caparica location

Coworking and coliving | Nomadico

What is coliving? 

Coliving houses are the perfect place to stay for digital nomads. Coliving spaces already come equipped with the essentials for a productive AND social experience. Coliving with Nomadico includes:

  1. A like minded community of traveling remote workers

  2. Fast wifi and good workspaces

  3. A unique place to stay for an affordable price 

Nomadico Caparica member benefits

  • A desk in your private room

  • Fiber optic internet throughout the building

  • Daily events and activities organized by Nomadico's community of nomads from around the world

Why Lisbon, Caparica is the perfect spot for digital nomads?


Caparica, in particular, can offer slightly lower costs compared to the city center of Lisbon and it's a really good option for nomads looking for Coliving.

Quality of life

Nice weather, beautiful beaches, and a chill lifestyle. It's an excellent blend of work and leisure opportunities, with easy access to nature, surf spots, and outdoor activities.

Digital nomad community - experience

Rich history and vibrant culture. From the delicious cuisine to the stunning architecture and music scene, there's always something new to explore and experience.