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Bansko Coworking

What you need to know to cowork in Bansko, Bulgaria for Digital Nomads

Coworking in Bansko

Grab your laptop and pack your bags because Bansko, Bulgaria is calling your name. This charming mountain town in the Pirin Mountains is every location independent worker’s dream. By day, you’ll wander cobblestone streets, sip coffee at outdoor cafes, and get lost in your creative work at one of the top coworking spaces. 

By night, you’ll swap stories with fellow nomads over hearty Bulgarian fare, locally brewed rakia, and tales of adventure on the slopes or mountain trails. Whether you’re looking to escape the grind, connect with a community of like-minded wanderers/entrepreneurs, or just live a little more wildly, Bansko delivers an intoxicating taste of the nomadic good life. The snow-capped peaks are calling… An unforgettable experience awaits in Bansko.

Why Bansko Is the Perfect Spot for Digital Nomads

This quaint Bulgarian mountain town is filled with adventure at every turn. Nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, you’re surrounded by nature and endless outdoor activities. Fancy hiking through pine forests or mountain biking down scenic trails? Bansko’s got you covered. How about rafting, horseback riding or paragliding for a thrill? Yep, Bansko has that too.

Beyond the adventures, Bansko has a vibrant café culture, great WiFi, and a low cost of living which means your dollars, euros or bitcoin go far. It’s also well connected, just 90 minutes from Sofia Airport and also near Greece and Macedonia for quick weekend getaways.

This little town is a digital nomad’s dream, with adventure, community and natural beauty in spades. Come for the coworking, stay for the experiences - your most memorable adventures are waiting in Bansko!

A Day in the Life of a Digital Nomad in Bansko

As a digital nomad in Bansko, no two days are the same. You wake up in your room at Nomadico with a mountain view…hit the sauna & then grab a coffee and some breakfast with your community nearby.

Then you either start the day’s work in our beautiful workzone or you use one of your included coworking passes to go work at Nestwork. In between zoom calls, you step out for a breath of fresh air and see the snowcapped Pirin Mountains in the distance. Inspiration strikes, and you hammer out a few more hours of focused work.

By afternoon, adventure calls. You join a few fellow nomads for a hike through the old-growth forests surrounding Bansko. Crisp air, winding trails, and good company fuel your creativity. On the walk down, stories and ideas flow freely.

As evening falls, you wander the charming cobblestone streets, grab some meze and a glass of Mavrud wine at a tucked-away tavern, then head to a comedy show at a local bar. Laughter with new friends recharges you for another productive day.

Life as a digital nomad in Bansko means balancing work and play in a breathtaking setting. Surrounded by natural beauty and a welcoming community, you can be your most creative, inspired self. The opportunities for adventure, socializing and professional growth are endless. This little town in the mountains has everything a nomad needs to thrive. How's that for a day well lived? Welcome to Bansko, a paradise for digital nomads and adventure seekers alike.

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Nomadico’s Top Coworking Spaces in Bansko

​Nomadico Coliving

We might be biased but it’s for good reason. Our Bansko location is the perfect place for you to set up shop. We have beautiful rooms, a sauna in the basement, shared kitchen/living facilities, a traditional family run restaurant & a beautiful workzone. We also know that our community likes the option to work from coworking spaces so we created a partnership with Nestwork, one of the best coworks in Bansko in order to give you a few days a week included in our cost. All that is cool but we stand out for our community…Nomadico is really a family and we have quality community events daily from our passionate community organizer.

Nestwork Bansko

Nestwork Coworking is our coworking partner in Bansko. If you prefer more than a few days a week then check out their affordable pass options (Nomadico community gets a discount!)  


  • Work from creative common zones, concentration zones and even private offices!

  • Enjoy a comfortable and spacious work area with ergonomic chairs and desks to ensure your comfort even during long working hours

  • Unlimited coffee, tea & other treats

  • Complimentary breakfast every Monday morning

  • Wednesday is pizza and beer happy hour for Nestwork members


Coworking Bansko

You’re a digital nomad craving mountain vistas—look no further than Coworking Bansko. This wood-cabin style space has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the slopes.

  • Grab a locally-roasted coffee from their café and plop down on a comfy couch or at a standing desk.

  • Take advantage of their high-speed WiFi and spacious coworking area.

  • Apres-ski, join the community for weekly jam sessions, film screenings or hackathons.


Altspace Coworking

Altspace is set up a bit more like a cafe making it perfect for that casual or creative work vibe.

  • Free Premium coffee and tea, plus fruit and other treats

  • Access to attend community events at the space

  • Additional secondary monitors (first come, first served basis)

  • Access to the garden and balcony area

  • Complimentary drinks from the wine/beer fridge on Fridays

The picturesque peaks surrounding Bansko call to the adventurer in you. Luckily, the town also has coworking spaces tailor-made for thrill-seeking digital nomads who want it all—fresh tracks, new friends and professional freedom. Now, stop daydreaming and book your trip to Bansko already! The mountains (and new coworking crew) are waiting.

Living in Bansko: Adventure and Community Await

Living in Bansko is all about seizing adventure and building community. As a digital nomad coworking here, you’ll never run out of excitement or new friends.The vibe in Bansko is laid-back and adventurous. Most nomads are in their 20s and 30s, looking to build their businesses while also enjoying an active lifestyle. The stunning Pirin Mountains are right at your fingertips, so you can go hiking, climbing or mountain biking whenever the mood strikes. Après-ski bars, traditional mehanas (taverns) and a lively nightlife mean there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded souls after dark. Overall, expect a perfect blend of productivity and play.

Adventure Around Every Corner

Bansko is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. When you’re ready to unplug, hit the hiking trails and experience breathtaking views of the Pirin Mountains. In winter, world-class skiing and snowboarding awaits at the Bansko Ski Resort, just 10 minutes from town. If you’re daring, go snowshoeing or try dog sledding across snow-covered forests.

A Vibrant Expat Community

Bansko’s expat community is hugely welcoming. Weekly meetups, open coworking spaces, and a variety of bars and restaurants make it easy to connect with fellow remote workers from around the globe. The eclectic mix of Bulgarians, other eastern europeans and digital nomads from around the world creates a cultural melting pot and opportunities to make fast friends.

Living in Comfort

While Bansko maintains an authentic small-town feel, you’ll have no problem finding modern amenities. High-speed internet, grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals are all readily available. The cost of living is affordable meaning you won’t stress out on the financial side. And if you’re based in a coliving space like Nomadico, all your essentials will be taken care of so you can focus on work and play.

Time for adventure...

Bansko awaits you with open arms, cheap beer, stunning views and a community of like-minded nomads ready to conquer the world by day and the dance floor by night. You’ve got the guide, now it’s time to take the leap. Who knows, after a few weeks in Bansko you may never want to leave. This is one coworking experience you’ll be bragging about for years to come…Escape the ordinary and cowork from this mountain paradise. See you soon!

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