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Go Together
Receive up to 10% Discount

Book as a group and enjoy discounts on your Nomadico stay. When one person books three or more rooms or beds for the same period, the entire group qualifies for a discount. Stay together for at least a week and enjoy savings that grow with your group size. Plus, this discount can be combined with other offers. Here's how it works:

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How it works - Group Discount

01 - Form Your Group

  • Gather a group of at least three people who plan to stay together at Nomadico for at least one week

02 - One Person Books

  • Choose your rooms or beds. One person must handle the booking for the entire group to ensure all stays are linked and eligible for the discount.

03 - Book for Eligible Months 

  • The group discount applies if at least half of the stay occurs during the eligible months for group discounts at that location. Check the eligible months here.

04 - Enjoy Discounted Stays

  • Once the booking is confirmed, your group enjoys a discount based on the size of the group:​

    • ​3 people: 3% off

    • 4 people: 4% off

    • 5 people: 5% off

    • Etc (the amount of discount equals the number of people up until 10%)

Refer a Friend Program

Do you friends that haven't stayed with us yet? Then you are eligible for our referral program. Every new Nomadico guest will earn you $20.

Terms & Conditions

12. Group Discount Program

12.1 Program Overview: Nomadico offers a Group Discount Program to encourage bookings by groups of three or more people. This program allows groups to enjoy a discount on bookings made for multiple beds or rooms, provided the group stays together for at least one week.

12.2 Eligibility:
Group Size: A minimum of three people is required to qualify for the group discount.
Booking Requirements: All bookings must be made by one person representing the group. This individual is responsible for booking the required number of beds or rooms (at least three) under a single reservation.

Duration of Stay: The group must stay for a minimum of one week. The start and end dates for each member of the group do not need to coincide, as long as there is a collective overlap of one week where all members are present.

Consumer Use: The Group Discount Program is intended for consumers only. Businesses seeking accommodations will receive a custom price tailored to their specific needs.

12.3 Discount Structure:
Group discounts are only available if at least half of the total nights booked fall within eligible months for group discounts. Check the eligible months for each Nomadico location here. See the discount structure below

  • 3 people: 3% discount

  • 4 people: 4% discount

  • 5 people: 5% discount

  • 6 people: 6% discount

  • 7 people: 7% discount

  • 8 people: 8% discount

  • 9 people: 9% discount

  • 10 or more people: 10% discount

12.4 Additional Terms:
Eligible Months Definition: Nomadico defines eligible months for group discounts based on booking demand. These will be clearly stated on the Google spreadsheet provided and may be subject to change.

Discount Application: Discounts are applied to the total booking cost and are visible at the time of payment confirmation.
Combination with Other Offers: Group discounts can be combined with other promotional offers, provided the total discount does not exceed the limits set by Nomadico's promotional policies.
Non-Transferability: Group discounts are non-transferable.

Responsibility: The person making the booking is responsible for the accuracy of the booking details and ensuring that all group members adhere to the terms of their stay as per Nomadico’s policies.

12.5 Modification and Cancellation:
Changes to Booking: Any changes to the booking after confirmation may affect the discount eligibility and must be reported and adjusted through Nomadico’s customer service.

Cancellation: Standard cancellation policies apply. However, if the group size falls below the required number for a discount due to cancellation, the remaining booking will be recalculated without the group discount

12.6 Legal Compliance:
Compliance with Terms: Participation in the Group Discount Program must be in accordance with these terms and conditions. All participants agree to abide by the full terms of service as outlined by Nomadico.

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