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Medellin Coworking

Top coworking options in Medellin, Laureles, Colombia for Digital Nomads

Coworking in Medellin

If there is one city in South America that has transformed into a coworking heaven in the last couple of years, it's definitely Medellin. The best climate to have open outdoor coworking spaces, coworking offices, and cafés in abundance, and top-notch locally grown coffee to keep you focused.

The moment most nomads arrive in Medellin, they feel they can stay here for at least a couple of months. You can focus on your work and find a WhatsApp group for literally anything you would like to do for fun! If you stay at a Nomadico home, you'll be sure of excellent wifi at home and a couple of coworking days included at nearby spaces.

In this guide we're focusing on the Laureles area. Stay tuned for our Poblado guide soon!

Coworking offices Medellin, Laureles

Coworking Fenicia - Laureles

The coworking space at Fenicia is on the second floor of their hotel above their delicious Lebanese restaurant. It's a half-outdoor, half-indoor coworking space, which gives you a fresh breeze of air while you are in your daily meetings.

Nomadico guests have two days per week of coworking included in their stay at one of our coliving homes. To get into the coworking space, you will get a custom code only used by Nomadico guests to access the second floor. This space cannot be accessed otherwise, so it's super safe!

Coworking Inspira - Laureles

The coworking space in Inspira is filled with lots of plants. We love this beautiful green coworking spot...her eyou'll find desks, comfy chairs, and lots of outlets. Get ready for lots of natural ambient light and fresh air.

Nomadico guests that stay at our Caobo home have an extra day every week of coworking at Inspira. You can choose between their two offices. One is just around the corner from the Caobo home, and the other is in the middle of Laureles.

Coworking cafes in Medellin, Laureles

Here are a few of our favorite coworking cafes in Laureles!

Délmuri Café

Coffee people, you've got to check out Délmuri Café. They've got top-notch coffee, pancakes, and pastries. Add to that the incredibly friendly and welcoming staff and you're sure to stay a few hours.

Café Revolución

If you're all about getting a tasty breakfast without emptying your wallet, Café Revolución is the spot.Don't miss their Vegan Oatmeal Bowl – it's a game-changer. And of course, you can't skip their coffee.

Pergamino Café

Pergamino Café. It's a big deal in Medellin with locations all over Poblado and Laureles. But the real gem is their coworking café in Laureles. They've got this awesome semi-outdoor patio that's perfect for a relaxed breakfast and a solid two-hour work session. Just a heads-up though – the back area can get a bit warm after 11 am. That's when many folks opt to switch to one of those coworking spots we mentioned earlier.

Semilla Coworking Café

Calling all digital nomads! If you're all about mixing work with your coffee fix, Semilla Coworking Café is where it's at. You'll find plenty of fellow remote workers here. And get this – they've got private meeting rooms for those important calls. And don't worry about the bill – any meeting room charges get tacked on and you settle up later with zero hassle.

Coworking and Coliving | Nomadico

What is coliving? 

Coliving houses are the perfect place to stay for digital nomads. Coliving spaces already come equipped with the essentials for a productive AND social experience. Coliving with Nomadico includes:

  1. A like minded community of traveling remote workers with weekly events from our community manager

  2. Fast wifi and good workspaces

  3. A unique place to stay for an affordable price 

Nomadico Medellin guest benefits

  • 2 free coworking days included at Fenicia

  • 1 extra free coworking Medellin day if you stay at our Caobo home

  • Access to all our Nomadico events

What does the work situation look like per Nomadico home?

All our rooms/studios have desks and chairs to work from your own space.




Closest cowork option

Cowork Inspira Belen is 1 block away

Closest quick lunch

Restaurante La Yezka is 1 block away for a tasty "menu del dia" for 4 dollars




Closest cowork option

Cowork Inspira Belen is a 10 minute walk away

Closest quick lunch

Crepes y Waffles in the Unicentro Mall is a 5 minute walk away




Closest cowork option

Cowork Inspira Laureles is a 12 minute walk away

Closest quick lunch

Pergamino café is a 10 minute walk away




Closest cowork option

Private cowork on the ground floor

Closest quick lunch

INA restaurant is right accross the road for an amazing Vegan "menu del dia"

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