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5 AI Insights On Nomadico’s Audience Persona

You made it to our very first blog post. Yay! We've given a lot of thought to what this inaugural post should cover. Should it detail our first year in business and plans for the second? Maybe it should specify which new locations we're eyeing? Or offer insights on digital nomadism?

These all seemed like great ideas until Jon, our head of experience, offered an insightful suggestion: It's all about you!

So, that's what we did.

We collected all the feedback received through the Nomadico Feedback Form from our community and turned to AI for assistance. After exporting all responses, we used ChatGPT to analyze one specific question and create a audience persona for Nomadico

Our prompt along with all the answers was:

“Create an audience persona out of all the following answers we received from our community that answered the following question: What type of people do you think would most benefit from Nomadico?”

* Quick shout-out for all the awesome feedback you've been sending our way. Seriously, we can't thank you enough! As a startup that's still finding its feet, there's a bunch we've got to learn, and your insights are like gold to us. Keep 'em coming – we're all ears and loving the help

Audience Persona of Alex Digitalson

Persona: Digital Nomad Explorer


  • Name: Alex Digitalson

  • Age: 30

  • Occupation: Freelancer in digital marketing

  • Income: Moderate, values experiences over luxury

  • Background: Well-traveled and open-minded individual seeking a dynamic lifestyle


  • Work Style: Independent and proactive remote worker, often on the move

  • Lifestyle: Enjoys longer stays (at least 2 weeks) in diverse locations

  • Values: True connections with others, collaboration, and personal growth

  • Interests: Actively participates in a community, interested in mindfulness and meditation

  • Travel Approach: Conscious traveler focused on sustainable practices, values local experiences

  • Tech Preferences: Prioritizes a functional workspace over luxurious office equipment

  • Budget: Price-conscious but willing to invest in meaningful experiences

  • Accommodation Preferences: Prefers a relaxed environment, open to co-living experiences with like-minded individuals

  • Travel Habits: Interested in exploring local cultures, going on day/weekend trips, and avoiding party-focused tourism

  • Seasonal Preferences: Flexible travel schedule

  • Experience Level: Seasoned digital nomad, not averse to guiding those curious about nomad life on their first or second trip


  • Build a strong network of like-minded individuals for collaboration and personal growth

  • Experience diverse cultures authentically while working remotely

  • Contribute to sustainable travel practices and support local communities

  • Balance work, rest, and nature appreciation within a co-living environment

  • Explore the potential for mindfulness and meditation in daily routines


  • Finding a co-living space that aligns with the desire for a relaxed environment and active community

  • Balancing budget constraints with the aspiration for meaningful experiences

  • Ensuring a functional workspace while being less concerned about luxurious office amenities

5 Key Insights

Next up was asking Chat GPT to give us 5 key insights from the above audience persona. The output was so cool to see as it is very aligned to our values.

Value-Driven Spending Habits:

Alex prioritizes experiences over luxury, demonstrating a moderate income but a willingness to invest in meaningful experiences. This suggests that products or services should focus on delivering high value and memorable experiences rather than luxury or opulence.

Long-term Stay Preferences:

Alex prefers longer stays in diverse locations, indicating a need for accommodations that are comfortable for extended periods. This could imply a demand for amenities that support a prolonged stay, like kitchen facilities, comfortable living spaces, and reliable internet access.

Community and Collaboration Oriented:

A strong desire for true connections, collaboration, and community involvement is evident. This highlights the importance of creating opportunities for social interactions, networking, and communal activities within the co-living spaces.

Sustainable and Local Experiences:

There's a clear preference for sustainable travel practices and authentic local experiences. This indicates that services which emphasize eco-friendliness, support for local businesses, and offer opportunities to engage with local cultures and communities would be appealing.

Work-Life Balance and Mindfulness:

Alex shows an interest in balancing work with rest and nature, along with an inclination towards mindfulness and meditation. This suggests a need for environments that support both productivity and relaxation, such as quiet workspaces, natural settings, and facilities for physical and mental wellness activities.

Final Thoughts

Nomadico is well underway in its second year, and we've learned a lot from the first – both what we should not do, and what we definitely should keep doing. Reading and seeing that our analysis is highly aligned with the experience we aim to offer is amazing.

Next up, we're on the lookout for more local partners in authentic destinations and planning to open new Nomadico’s. Currently, our focus is on Spain and Portugal, especially the south. 

Take a look at our Coliving Partners page – if you think you can lend us a hand, we'd love to hear from you.


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